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Our mission

Create delicious comfort food that leaves our planet and the community fulfilled and happy.

Our story

Grazy Foods is a Canadian foodtech company founded in 2020, that specializes in dairy alternatives.

As an industry leader in plant-based frozen desserts, the company has been selling its products to restaurateurs and institutions across Canada since its inception (formerly under the Séva™ brand).

In 2023, the company expanded its activities and diversified its product range with the aim of positioning itself in various categories. The company also unveiled its new brand, Grazy™ and two new CPG product lines.

Our values and beliefs

Our corporate values guide our thoughts and actions, above all they inspire us to build a better future.

  • We dare
  • We are accountable
  • We care
  • We seek excellence
  • We innovate

A word from our founder

"My goal was to create delicious plant-based options that everybody would love."

"When I had the idea to start the business, my ultimate goal was to raise the standards for vegan "comfort food", while creating delicious plant-based options that everyone would love. Since then, my team and I have been on a mission to create the best plant-based products (in the world!), that are good for our soul, our community and our planet By enjoying our tasty products, you're helping us to create a better future for everyone."


From the very beginning, we are proud to have received several innovation awards:

  • 2022's Initia Award for "Coup de cœur Aliments du Québec"
  • 2022's CTAQ Award for "Innovative Company Desjardins 2022"
  • 2022's CTAQ Award for "Innovative Product 2022, Dessert Category"
  • 2022's Match Dux Award for "Match Dux Winner"
  • 2023's Grand Dux Award for "Best product for taste"

The company was founded in 2020 by Maude St-Pierre, who still owns and runs it. The company is proudly certified by WeConnect International as a Women-Owned business and also certified by 1% For The Planet for its annual donations to various organizations.