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Food service

Discover our options for restaurateurs

Enhance your menu with our delicious plant-based options.

Why add Grazy products to your menu?

Diversify your customer base

By offering vegan, dairy-free, and allergen-free products, you ensure that you attract a diverse clientele! By adding these options, you can respond to a variety of diets and dietary restrictions.

Increase your revenue

Add new alternatives and make your menu inclusive! By adding our products to your menu, you are guaranteed to increase the average check by serving the entire family.

Make an impact by offering the same experience

Consumers are increasingly seeking plant-based products as they are recognized for having a lower environmental footprint. By offering our products, you provide sustainable and equally delicious options!

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Available products

Grazy Frozen

Formerly branded Séva, we continue to offer you the same delicious frozen desserts, but under a new brand!

Plant-based soft-serve mix

Available flavors: Vanilla, Mango

Size 1.89L

Our tasty plant-based vanilla soft-serve mix , winner of several awards, including the Prix de l'Innovation CTAQ 2022 and the Grand Prix 2023 "Taste".

Thawing steps

Brochure 2024

Plant-based frozen dessert

Available flavor: Vanilla

Size 11.4L

Oat-based and allergen-free, our delicious frozen dessert is the perfect addition to your menu.

Brochure 2024

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